Scientists have found new data on the “survivability” of Omicron

 Scientists have found new data on the "survivability" Omicron

The Omicron strain can “survive” longer than other strains; on different surfaces. This is reported by Reuters.

Japanese scientists conducted laboratory tests and found that Omicron has exceptional “survivability”; compared to other strains of coronavirus.

So, Omicron can “live” on plastic surfaces. for 193.5 hours, while Delta is only 114 hours. On skin samples, the median survival time of Omicron was 21.1 hours, Delta was 16.8 hours.

In addition, all coronavirus strains were completely inactivated after 15 seconds of exposure to alcohol-based hand sanitizers.< br />
The researchers concluded that it is very important that hand sanitizers be used for hand hygiene, as recommended by WHO.

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