Scientists have found in fish body, the built-in “fitness bracelet”, “amazing body”

Ученые нашли в организме рыб встроенный "фитнес-браслет": "удивительный орган"

In marine fish, scientists have discovered built-in “fitness bracelet”

To date, scientists could not with sufficient accuracy to measure the energy expenditures of fish, and a new discovery was very useful. As it turned out, the pace of life fish captures a small structure located in the inner ear — otolith, or ear stone.

Ученые нашли в организме рыб встроенный "фитнес-браслет": "удивительный орган"

Otoliths help the fish to navigate in space, measure the speed of its movement and perform the role of the organ of hearing. Now scientists from the UK, Norway and Denmark found that this structure also acts as a fitness tracker, showing how an active lifestyle was led by a fish.

The carbon in the ear stones has two sources — the water in which fish live and the food that he eats. Carbon from both sources is mixed in the blood, and then partially enters otolith in the form of calcium carbonate.

Ученые нашли в организме рыб встроенный "фитнес-браслет": "удивительный орган"

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After analyzing the calcium carbonate, the researchers can determine how much carbon is derived from water or food. When the metabolism of fish increases, for example, it is in warmer water or its activity increases, the fish consume more food as a consequence of increasing the proportion of carbon derived from food.

Ear stone consists of many layers that appear over time, like rings in a tree trunk. Each new layer of the Otolith reflects the growth of fish and can be used to document her age. This data can be restored even after the death of the fish.Now the researchers can determine how monthly has varied metabolism of fish during his life, including how affect the metabolism of seasonal fluctuations of temperature, food and behavior.

Ученые нашли в организме рыб встроенный "фитнес-браслет": "удивительный орган"

Scientists call the discovery is very important for studying the behaviour of fish, particularly commercial species. This makes it possible to predict what will happen to the fish depending on the changing conditions of its existence.

Recall that on the coast of Iturup island (Kuril Islands) recently threw thousands of herring. About the mass release of fish you can find videos on YouTube. The footage clearly shows how the entire coast was covered with herring. Local residents decided to collect the fish in bags.

The reason for this mass release of fish to the shore a very strong storm. In the area of thermal source “Vinnichuk” herring thrown with almost every wave.


It was also reported that popular fish turned out to be hazardous to health.

In addition, Politeka wrote that you can lose weight eating fish, indulging in gourmet dishes with a rich taste.

Still recall that “Faceless” fish from the seabed at a depth of 4 km pulled a group of scientists, exploring “the most unexplored environment on Earth.”


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