Scientists have found huge deposits of ice on Mars

Scientists have found huge deposits of ice on Mars

Scientists have discovered significant deposits of ice under the soil on Mars. They are located in a large canyon system. The discovery was feasible following data collection by the Trace Gas Orbiter mission ExoMars.

“We found that the central part of the Mariner Valley is filled with water much more than we expected. This is very similar to areas of permafrost on Earth, where water ice is constantly stored under dry soil due to constant low temperatures, '' said scientist Alexei Malakhov, writes Space.

At the same time, scientists suggest that that water on Mars could run even deeper than expected. Thanks to the TGO tools, they are able to “ peep '' to one level of depth.

The discovered region with a high hydrogen content is equal in scale to the territory of the Netherlands. There is usually very little water in this area, which is why scientists assume that the substance is in the form of ice under the surface of the Red Planet.

'' Get more information about how and where water exists on modern Mars It is important to understand what happened to the once rich water of Mars, it helps us to search for a habitable environment, possible signs of past life and organic materials from the early days of Mars, '' said scientist Colin Wilson.

& quot; ExoMars & quot; is a joint program of the European Space Agency and Roscosmos to explore the Red Planet. The mission consists of various scientific instruments aboard the TGO. Among them, for example, the high resolution epithermal neutron detector (FREND), which, incidentally, detected high levels of hydrogen in the Kandor canyon.

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