Scientists have found another way to lose weight without dieting and sports

Ученые нашли еще один способ похудеть без диет и спорта

Scientists from Princeton University in the US found a new “gene” is the key to weight loss.

They finally found the “screw” which forces the body to burn fat. The mechanism, which told the professionals that help lose weight at the cellular-genetic level, writes the with reference on Voice.

Scientists have discovered an interesting special ability of the enzyme — nocturnia, to stimulate weight loss. According to scientists, Nocturnes responsible for morning start the metabolism burning calories. Experiments on mice have shown that this substance regulates the levels of insulin in the blood. Individuals in the blood which was discovered more nocturnia, was thinner and with less body fat.

Nocturnis helps to lose weight, by acting directly on the cells. He removes the phosphate group from two adjacent molecules. Is modulation of reactive oxygen species, which sinait fat so that breaks up into components. In this process, the formation of two molecules of NAD+ and NADH, which are under the influence of nocturnia start the metabolism.

As explained by the head of research Alexey Root, associate Professor of molecular biology at Princeton, the impact on these mechanisms from the outside would help people to lose weight without any problems. It remains only to understand how exactly you need to do it. However, the key to losing weight at the gene level are found, though he is not alone in this complex system, but it is a fact.

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