Scientists have found a molecule that helps fight cancer

Ученые нашли молекулу, которая поможет побороть рак

This method of cancer treatment as immunotherapy, may be more effective when using the molecule LL-37. This molecule enhances the activity of immune cells in fighting the tumor.

About the research scientists at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland), which revealed that the use of the molecule LL-37 in the framework of an ACI specifies additional stimulus to the immune attack of the body at the cancerous tumor, reports the with reference to

In experiments with mice, therapy with the use of the molecule resulted in tumor reduction, and in some cases to cure cancer. The study authors suggest that similar effects can be achieved in cancer therapy in humans.

Experts explained that the molecule LL-37 is produced by the body naturally in response to infections, promoting the immune system fight bacteria and viruses. The researchers found that LL-37 promotes the function of dendritic cells – the immune cells responsible for target the immune response and contributes to enhanced activity of other cells which are the fighters against cancer.

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The cultivation of dendritic cells involves immunotherapy – this should be carried out sampling cells of the patient and their cultivation in the laboratory, which is long, hard and expensive process. The authors found that the addition of a molecule of LL-37 to dendritic cells increases the production of those immune cells which act in the body as killers of tumors.

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