Scientists have figured out where the first people on the planet

Ученые выяснили, где появились первые люди на планете

More than two million years ago the first humans appeared in China. This theory is supported by the discovery of paleontologists. In Asia they found a record of ancient tools.

Reports, experts suggest that the first bipedal humans appeared in Africa about two million years ago. They are considered to be ancestors of the Neanderthals and the “hobbits” of Flores island. They invented the first complex of instruments of labor, opened fire and first mastered the secrets of cooking food.

Africa, these upright people left about 1,85 million years ago. They were the first representatives of the human race who managed to cross the borders of the continent. However, based on excavations in China, experts believe that it happened much earlier than commonly believed.

Scientists have found arrowheads, hammers, chisels and other household items that are considered to be relatively sophisticated tools. It turned out that most of these tools were made about one and a half million years ago. And six scrapers and chopping more than two million years ago.

All this indicates that the first humans probably appeared in China.

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