Scientists have figured out what space smells like

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Scientists have figured out what space smells like

In the aroma of space, you can catch notes of fried steak or something burnt.

According to scientists, the smell in space resembles a combination of hot metal, diesel fuel and barbecue, reports with reference to TSN.

& # 171; The culprits & # 187; such a smell are smelly compounds, which & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; are called & nbsp; polycyclic & nbsp; aromatic & nbsp; carbohydrates.

& # 171; These molecules are present in the entire universe. And they are in space in large quantities, emerging from comets, meteorites and cosmic dust & # 187; – said scientist Luis Allamandola of the Ames Research Center.

Man is not able to directly smell the smell of space, after all, it is vacuum, and if the astronauts try to do this, they will simply die. But when astronauts are outside the ISS, the smelly compounds are deposited on their suits and end up back at the station.

After spacewalk, astronauts report the smell of burning or fried steak.

As explained by Allamandola , our solar system has a pungent smell due to the fact that it contains a lot of carbon and little oxygen. Oxygen-rich stars, on the other hand, have aromas reminiscent of a charcoal grill.

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