Scientists have figured out how many times in life falls people

Ученые выяснили, сколько раз в жизни влюбляется человек

Is there a pattern.

New psychological studies prove that the most balanced relationship come only after two attempts. According to new research, each the average person falls in love only three times in my life and this is the last time reaches the balance relationship, writes the with reference to the Informant.

In whom we fall in love with the first two times?

The study, which involved 3000 British men and women, whose average age was 37 years, analyzed the habits of loving couples. According to the results of the survey, each person can find a mate five times in my life, but to really fall in love, he can only three times.

The first time love overtakes us in adolescence, when the object of our senses maximally idealised and it seems that these relationships will have a fabulous future. But the harsh reality puts everything in its place, and after a while, when a couple is forced to pass the test adult life separates the two lovers in different ways.

Psychologists claim that the second love is the escape from the first relationship, and it always occurs in life as a necessity. Heart broken after the first unhappy love, looking for a quiet haven in which to relax and find yourself again. By the way, most of these relationships become selfish for one partner, because deep down he considers a new love as a temporary place to stay. Due to the fact that the second partner is included in the dependency from the first, such relationships are doomed to failure.

Third love. After two romantic stories where the man is disappointed in love, he is caught in a new relationship. This love researchers believe this point of balance, where each partner takes sincerity, serenity, spiritual closeness and also the willingness to love. If the first two loves we are not willing to be honest to partners and ourselves, idealizing the relationship and trying to “play love”, the third love reminds about the value of real human relationships.

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By the way, the most serious of personal change really does begin in such a relationship is strong and sincere. Because we always want to be the best version of myself, being with someone who makes us happy and takes.

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