Scientists have explained why the vacuum cleaner can save our lives

Науковці розповіли, чому порохотяги можуть врятувати наше життя

Vacuum cleaners not only keep the house clean

If you’re too lazy to clean up – we have some very positive news. It turned out that regular use of vacuum cleaner can literally save our lives. At least this is evidenced by the research scientists.

Don’t look for reasons to once again abandon house cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. Scientists have discovered that house dust is an ideal breeding ground for the so-called superbugs.

Microorganisms that reside inside the dust particles of the hairs, dead skin and factory fabrics, learned to share their DNA with each other. They use this method in order to cope with environmental stress and the lack of appropriate organic materials, which they could eat.

Scientists from Northwestern University in Illinois found that the ability of the bacteria when studied 166 samples of house dust. Scientists have found that bacteria with drug resistance are able to share it with harmless organisms. To do this, they either split into two identical cells, or produce copies of their genes and share them with the neighbors. In science this is called horizontal gene transfer.


The findings of this study showed that dust in modern homes is a reservoir antibioticresistant bacteria. Therefore, the structure is a possible site of spread threat to humans of genes between microorganisms. And this is the first study which showed that live bacteria capable of transferring antibiotic-resistant genes of other species. Therefore, this feature should also be taken into account when building strategies for the prevention of antibiotic resistance.

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