Scientists have explained why mankind to conquer the moon

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Scientists have explained why mankind needs to conquer the moon

The first Ukrainian mission to the Moon will take place in 2022 .

The Moon is the closest large space object to Earth. So far, the only one that a person could get directly to, reports with reference to Channel 24.

True, it was a long time ago – in the period from 1969 to 1972. Now, in the third decade of the third millennium , the idea of ​​people returning to the moon and generally deepening its research is becoming increasingly relevant.

Why does humanity need the moon

For what? & Nbsp; At first, of course, there will be research bases, but over time, flights to the moon may become commonplace. & Nbsp; And here are some of the most discussed options, & nbsp; how humanity can adapt the moon to its needs:

  • Space port for long-distance flights (it is much easier to take off from the Moon than from the Earth).
  • Center observations of the Universe (the absence of an atmosphere makes the Moon a very favorable place for the location of the telescope system, especially on the back side – where there will be rest from the noise coming from the Earth).
  • Entertainment center & nbsp; (a new branch of tourism, space, which has already begun to develop – this is not only about flying in zero gravity, but also, for example, about incredibly high jumps that a person can make on the surface of the Moon, and about a new round of development of sports competitions and records, and about parks of unprecedented hitherto amusement rides, and much, much more).

Moreover, this does not sound like fantasy for a long time. Remember when people were just starting to master aeronautics, when they were just starting to build the first railway tracks – how did it sound then?

Like something expensive and hopeless. But in the end we got something completely different! We are sure it will be the same in the space field.

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