Scientists have explained why it is necessary to brush your teeth three times a day

Науковці розповіли, чому слід чистити зуби тричі на день

The teeth are helpful to not only brush twice a day

If you brush your teeth twice a day, the scientists may hit you with unexpected discovery. It turned out that the repetition of this procedure three times a day can positively affect your heart.

Researchers from Ewha women’s University in Seoul (South Korea), studied the question of whether the improvement of oral health influence the risk of atrial fibrillation (atrial fibrillation), and congestive heart failure.

The researchers assessed data from more than 160 000 participants aged 40 to 79 years, who in the beginning of the study were not diagnosed with atrial fibrillation or heart failure. All participants were observed within an average of 10 years and a half.

Data obtained from the Korean national health insurance system. In addition to information about diseases this database contains characteristics such as height, weight, lifestyle and habits, in particular, the usual oral hygiene.

During this time, 3% of participants developed atrial fibrillation, and 5% to cardiac failure. While brushing your teeth three or more times a day correlated with a decreased risk of development of atrial fibrillation by 10% and decrease heart failure risk by 12%.

Науковці розповіли, чому слід чистити зуби тричі на день

Scientists recommend brushing the teeth not only morning and evening

These results were obtained taking into account such factors as age, gender, BMI (the body mass index), socioeconomic status, alcohol consumption, Smoking and physical activity.

However, researchers recognize that did not consider, for example, the condition of the gums studied, or their visits to the dentist, and in any case, the “causality of the identified associations are not clear”.

However, this is not the first study showing the importance of oral hygiene for the health of the organism as a whole. In addition, the scope of the study – a large number of participants and a long period of time – is a plus in favor of the authenticity of the alleged causal connection.

The authors explain that one of the theories underlying the findings of the study is that regular brushing reduces the amount of bacteria present in the mouth, which in turn reduces the risk of penetration of bacteria into the bloodstream.

The researchers recommend brushing the teeth not only morning and bedtime, but at least one more time during the day. While the toothbrush must be changed every two to three months.

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