Scientists have discovered unique ancient shield

Ученые обнаружили уникальный древний щит

The shield was made from the bark of the tree.

Archaeologists discovered near the town of Enderby, located South-East of Leicester in the UK shield made from the bark of the tree. As reported by the online edition of the with reference to the discovery was made between 255 and 395 BC.

It is noted that, despite the fact that the researchers knew that the people of the iron age were made from the bark of the Cup and the box, this is the first evidence that the people of this period used the seemingly fragile material for the manufacture of shields.

According to researchers, the shield was made from the bark of the alder, willow, poplar or hazel, in addition, was also used strips of wood of Apple, pear, quince or hawthorn, who were supposed to help the product withstand the pressure. In the center of the shield was located a fabric circle that was supposed to protect his arm.

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The results of the radiocarbon Dating showed that the shield was used for about 10 years before they threw him out. Researchers are trying to figure out whether he was destroyed by spears during the battle, or damaged in another way. Despite the fact that Cora is not as durable as wood, boards from it can be strong enough to protect from swords and arrows.

Ученые обнаружили уникальный древний щит

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