Scientists have discovered the legendary temple of Hercules under water

Scientists have discovered the legendary Temple of Hercules under water

Off the coast of Spain, in the Bay of Cadiz, scientists have discovered the lost temple of the Phoenician god Melkart. The ancient Romans identified him with Hercules, and the ancient Greeks -; with Hercules.

The Temple of Hercules Gaditan is described in ancient records dating back to the 9th century BC, and archaeologists believe that the series of flooded structures is this long-lost temple, according to the Daily Mail.

Using the latest technology – detection and ranging with lasers and aerial photography – a team of scientists from the University of Seville found underwater traces of a monumental building near the island of Sancti Petri. The team identified a rectangular structure 300 m long and 150 m wide, which they believe is the ruins of an ancient sanctuary.

Along with discovering a potential temple construction site, the team also found an inner harbor south of the structure, which less than two centuries ago it was a flood zone. It was an important Roman settlement along the coast with various buildings, predominantly from the Roman period, that scholars have yet to identify.

The Temple of Hercules Gaditan was a pillared structure with an eternal fire on an altar, supported by priests day and night. The images between the columns showed 12 feats of Hercules, carved out of bronze.

Ak knows that Hercules performed 12 feats as punishment for the murder of his wife Megara and 5 children after he was driven mad by Zeus's wife Hera & ndash; goddess of family and marriage. The temple trays were placed inside the entrance columns, and the entire temple was located on an elevated stone plinth.

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