Scientists have discovered the largest plant on the planet

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 Scientists have discovered the largest plant on the planet

Scientists have discovered 200 square kilometers of algae off the west coast of Australia. It is the largest plant on the planet, 465 times the size of the previous “record holder”, according to The Guardian.

Researchers took several samples of Posidonia australis algae, also known various underwater sites off the western coast of Australia. After analyzing the genetic code of the specimens, the scientists came to the conclusion that the specimens belonged to the same plant.

“These two hundred square kilometers of grasslands with tape weeds, apparently grew from a single colonizing seedling,” concluded Jane Edgelow from the University of Western Australia, who took part in the study.

The scientists also noted that the plant retained a complete set of chromosomes from both parents and was probably genderless. The discovered algae is about 4500 years old, the length of its ribbons in some areas reaches a meter. The sea meadow is home to dolphins, turtles, crabs and fish, among others.

The previous record was held by the Pando Blue Forest in the US state of Utah. A grove of genetically identical trees with a single root system occupies 0.43 square kilometers

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