Scientists have discovered the greatest blue hole on the planet: photo

Ученые обнаружили самую большую голубую дыру на планете: фото

Scientists call the length of a giant blue hole

In China researchers have been measuring the depth of a huge natural water reservoir, which is located in the city of Sanshui (South Hainan province).

Scientists of the State centre for ocean forecasting environment of China noted that this project has no equal on the planet. It was found that the depth of this huge pit is more than 300 m. And now Chinese natural object – record, since its depth is more than the blue hole Dina in the Bahamas (about 200 m).

Ученые обнаружили самую большую голубую дыру на планете: фото

The diameter of the Chinese giant, which is called Anyle (“Eternal joy”), – 130 m. moreover, when diving there is a restriction of the natural well to 36 m.

Scientists say that this deep cavern has a near-vertical slope. She beneath the earth unites with the South China sea, but despite this, the giant crater is home to over 20 species of marine fish and animals.

According to the researchers, the blue hole is a great value – scientific, cultural and historical. “Eternal joy” is under protection of the authorities, there are conducted scientific-research work.

Ученые обнаружили самую большую голубую дыру на планете: фото

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Note that the blue holes are water-filled sinkholes formed by erosion of rocks. The depth of the natural wells “helps” them to actively absorb solar radiation and for this reason, the holes have a dark blue color.

Among the famous underwater caves – hole off the coast of Belize (depth of about 125 m), and also in the area of Dahab, Egyptian ( 130 m).

As previously reported, the Optimistic cave in the Ternopil region became the longest cave of Europe and the longest gypsum cave in the world. Now speleonectidae under the leadership of the Lviv club “Cyclops”.

Initially, the cave was not great – from 2 km scored by clay moves. Recently, Rakuten celebrated its 50th anniversary.

To date, all branch lengths reaches 260 km And discovered a cave near the village of Korolivka. Previously it was considered practically anhydrous, but recently in the cave were discovered many underground lakes: a dream, a Particle of God, five-pointed, Perm, Fricke, Mystic, Pocket lake and Micron.

Ученые обнаружили самую большую голубую дыру на планете: фото

The latter, oddly, may be the largest underground lake in Ukraine. Its depth is 5-6 m and a temperature of — 7 degrees Celsius. The area is about 500 sq. m. It was opened in Lutsk speleologist Igor trotsuk.

According to him, you can get there only on all fours for two hours. Then you can get to the shore of the underground lake in the new hall. Now the study of cave lake took speleodiver in diving suits and oxygen cylinders.

Recall that scientists have discovered a giant cave monster.

As reported Politeka, with children from the cave something happened, everyone had warned.

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