Scientists have discovered the fossilized school of fish

Ученые обнаружили окаменевшую стаю рыбок

Unique fingerprint recorded in stone hundreds of small fish from the pack that lived over 50 million years ago.

Limestone shale slab found in the collections of one of the Japanese museums, writes the with reference to Around the world

She arrived here c excavations at the famous North American formations green river. Located on territories of present States of Colorado, Wyoming and Utah, the formation is preserved the evidence of the Eocene, which lasted between 56 and 34 million years ago. It was then formed most of the modern groups of mammals and fish have demonstrated a developed social behavior.

To such conclusion Nobuaki Mizumoto and his colleagues at the University of Arizona that explored the unique fossil. The scientists noted that fixed in stone the movement of the fish is clearly aligned and points to the fact that fish have long and confidently interacted with each other in flocks. This behavior is really considered very old, but direct evidence for this is extremely small.

In France, on the Playground the children found ancient tombs

The authors of the study counted a total of 259 small fish extinct species Erismatopterus levatus. It’s hard to say what killed them, fixing in this position: it could be, for example, the collapse of banks or dunes. Anyway, the fish was captured like pictures out of a total of 259 pieces of only a few “stray” from the flock.

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