Scientists have discovered the DNA of the Scandinavians of the stone age

Ученые обнаружили ДНК скандинавов из каменного века

In the birch resin found in the saliva of the ancient Scandinavians

Scientists discovered in the resin of the biological materials of the ancient Scandinavians, who lived in Northern Europe about 10 thousand years ago, reports the with reference for a New time.

Found three pieces of tar, age about 10 thousand years, mistily the saliva of the ancient Scandinavians, writes the edition Science Focus. These “gum” probably consists of resin birch bark. Found saliva in resin were from two different men and one woman.

The resin found in late 1990s in the West of Sweden, where in the period the Mesolithic (middle stone age) was inhabited by ancient hunter-gatherers.

Discovered genetic material to confirm the theory that the ancients colonized the Scandinavian Peninsula twice. According to scientists, the first group of colonizing Scandinavia came from the South (modern Europe), and the second from East (the territory of modern Russia).

The tools found in this place do not match the guns of the Scandinavian hunter-gatherers, but more like adaptations of ancient humans from Eastern Europe. Birch resin in these guns served to glue the blade to the handle, made of animal bones.

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“The DNA of these ancient chewing gum has a great potential not only to trace the origin and movement of ancient people, but also for understanding their social relations, disease and nutrition”, — said the employee of the Museum of cultural history in Oslo by Per Persson.

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