Scientists have discovered “superimmunity” to COVID

Scientists have discovered

The immunity of those vaccinated with two doses, but who have recovered from the coronavirus, is much higher than those who were simply vaccinated against COVID-19. American scientists have found that the level of antibodies in the former is 1000-2000% higher than in the latter.

Such data are presented in a new small study published in the Journal of the American.

Experts at the Oregon University of Health and Science in the United States compared 26 patients vaccinated and infected with coronavirus with people who were vaccinated and did not get sick.

It turned out that in the group in which there were infections after vaccinations, a huge surge of antibodies.

“The increase was significant, up to 1000%, and sometimes up to 2000%, so this is really high immunity. This is almost “ super immunity '', – said the author of the study, professor of molecular microbiology and immunology Fikada Tafesse.

As noted by Dr. Monica Gandhi from the University of California at San Francisco, this is one of the first studies that shows that a breakthrough infection after vaccination creates stronger immunity than a previous infection or vaccination alone.

It is not known at this time whether all infected people vaccinated with two doses in the study contracted the new Omicron strain. or another option.

The scientists also suggested that their research suggests that the long-term result will be a reduction in the severity of the global epidemic.

“This does not mean that we are at the end pandemics, but it does indicate where we are likely to land: once you get vaccinated and then exposed to the virus, you are likely to be healthy enough … protected from future options, '' says Marcel Curlin, another co-author of the study in Oregon.

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