Scientists have discovered on the moon “shelters” for people

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 Scientists have discovered on the Moon "shelters" for people < /p>

Researchers at the University of California have discovered that there are places on the moon that can become “safe havens” for people, for example, for astronauts-pioneers.

CNN reports.

Scientists have found that on the surface of the Earth's satellite there are holes with shaded areas where the temperature fluctuates around 17 degrees Celsius – in a moderate range, comfortable for people.

As noted, such pit craters can lead to caves, which can also be potential “shelters”.

According to scientists, these pits on the moon could make exploration of the satellite, as well as long-term human habitation, safer, since thermally stable base camps can be set up there.

come back when we live on the moon,” said study co-author David Page.

Now scientists can probably accelerate work on the concept of a workable permanent station, protected from extreme conditions on the lunar surface.

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