Scientists have discovered how to pre-determine the outcome of cancer treatment

Ученые обнаружили, как заранее определять результат лечения рака

Became known why in response to the same treatment, some cancer cells amenable to treatment and others not

It’s all in the properties of cells that can be measured and then to make a prediction, writes Hvilya.

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of technology (USA) have identified the reasons due to which the cancer responds differently to treatment. It turned out that the measurement of certain properties of the cell reveals their susceptibility to drugs on the basis of which scientists expect to predict the response of patients to treatment, according to the website of the Institute.

Ученые обнаружили, как заранее определять результат лечения рака

The approach combines mass measurement of cells and their rate of growth together with analysis of gene expression in cells. Scientists believe that this is the main levers, acting on that will weaken the protection of the tumor from the treatment.

“Measuring these parameters, we can now assess the potential response of cancer cells to treatment and to associate it with the main molecular pathways,” says researcher Alex shalek.

In the experiment with cells of brain cancer the researchers also found a number of specific “fingerprints” of gene expression that were associated with the growth and survival of cancer cells. Now the researchers task is to check which of them were most pronounced in those cells that was refractory to initial treatment and continued to grow.

Ученые обнаружили, как заранее определять результат лечения рака

The results reveal two areas of application. In one case, the researchers plan to use the method for development of drugs-inhibitors for the genes associated with the growth of cancer cells. Another area involves the use of analysis of the growth of cancer cells for prediction of the effectiveness of an existing drug.

Previously, we reported that scientists will be able to diagnose cancers at early stages with the help of wire. Scientists from Stanford University have developed an experimental system of early diagnostics of oncological diseases.

The iron nanoparticles will be possible to “catch” circulating tumor cells (CTCS). Previously this method the scientists used for the treatment and prevention of cancer. The nanoparticles attached to antibodies to the protein EpCAM in normal healthy human blood it does not, but they are present in all circulating tumor cells.

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