Scientists have discovered how female contraceptives affect the brain

Ученые выяснили, как женские контрацептивы влияют на мозг

German scientists have figured out how birth control pills affect the brain of women and how it affects their daily lives

German scientists from the University of Ernst Moritz Arndt had declared that oral contraceptives are “interfering in the processes of social and emotional intelligence,” and violate the usual processes of information processing by the brain. Their arguments about the impact of this type of contraceptives, the researchers published in the scientific journal Frontiers in Neuroscience.

Experts claim that oral contraceptives affect women’s ability to recognize emotions.

Ученые выяснили, как женские контрацептивы влияют на мозг

In particular, women are less able to recognize non-verbal cues that indicate the feelings, for example, begin worse to interpret facial expressions from other people.

The study observed 42 women who regularly took oral contraceptives, and 53 women who were not taking such drugs. Participants took tests of intellectual ability. In particular, they were asked to identify different human emotions.

Tests showed that with the recognition of strongly expressed emotions women cope easily regardless of oral contraceptives. But in interpreting more complex expressions women taking oral contraceptives, cope with intellectual tests 10% worse. The greatest difficulties are evoked by the need to understand basic emotions — sadness and happiness, and complex emotions — pride and contempt.

As stated by researchers, that the effect of oral contraceptives on women’s intelligence “may be linked with the ability of the tablets to affect chemicals that transmit messages from the brain to other parts of the body.”

Note, we have previously reported that doctors strongly recommend not to take some of the popular drugs, because they cause cancer. This applies to women who are protected from unwanted pregnancy by using hormonal pills.

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Recent studies have shown that the use of hormonal contraceptives is associated with a 20% increased risk of breast cancer. The risk increased with longer use of drugs.

Ученые выяснили, как женские контрацептивы влияют на мозг

“Unfortunately, no one type of hormonal contraceptives is not without its risks,” said the study’s lead author Lina Morch from the Copenhagen University hospital.

Also Politeka wrote that scientists have figured out how longevity affects female grandchildren, “the grandmother Hypothesis was confirmed.”


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