Scientists have discovered an unusual man-made objects on the ocean floor

About this discovery for a long time.

The discovery was made in 2001, only for some reason all the media in a moment forgot about the sensation, ceasing to educate the public of new research findings of the ancient settlement. For 18 years about the city, no one wrote, the situation has changed only recently, according to the with reference to the news of the world.

Pauline was immediately determined that buildings are man-made. Through time were obtained clear images of the structures in high resolution. What was the surprise of the couple when they saw a city, consisting of multi-level pyramids, and right rectangular walls made of huge blocks.

According to geologist Manuel Iturralde, the discovery could be ancient coastal city. If so, then the structures at least 50 thousand years. But then people couldn’t build anything like that…

In search of an answer, the researchers dug even to the records of the Maya, which spoke of the big island, trapped by the tsunami. While Manuel is more inclined to the version about the origin of natural structures.

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The city even attracted the attention of the National geographic society of Cuba and the National Museum. Only for some reason, as if by the snap of a finger, all research stopped. The work was put on hold indefinitely.

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