Scientists have discovered a new fact about the death of the dinosaurs: the Earth has left “scars”

Ученые обнаружили новый факт о смерти динозавров: на Земле остались "шрамы"

The researchers found that over the past 290 million years, the number of asteroids that hit the Earth has almost tripled, from-for what the dinosaurs became extinct

It is reported Hyser.

The researchers assessed the “scars” that the cosmic body was left on the surface of the Earth.

Their conclusions are also made based on the analysis of craters on the surface of the Earth and moon with a diameter of 10 kilometers.

According to their study, over the past 290 million years, the situation has seriously changed.

Ученые обнаружили новый факт о смерти динозавров: на Земле остались "шрамы"

Earlier collision with an asteroid occurred on average every 3 million years, but now it happens every million. “The level of crater coverage changed instantly,” — said the scientist from the University of Southampton Thomas Gernon. That is why the dinosaurs are not lucky enough to appear on Earth 240 million years ago, at a time when the risk to be destroyed by the impact of the cosmic body began to grow.

Earlier it was reported that the asteroid impact that doomed the dinosaurs to extinction, has had such a devastating impact on the Earth by chance.

Ученые обнаружили новый факт о смерти динозавров: на Земле остались "шрамы"

This is stated in a new study, reports Politeka with reference to the Daily Mail.

According to scientists, if he had hit 30 seconds later or 30 seconds earlier, it would have caused much less damage, and dinosaurs likely would have survived. Accordingly, a person would never have become the dominant species on the planet.

The asteroid impact occurred 66 million years ago at 38.6 km from the Peninsula of Yucatan in Mexico, which led to the appearance of the crater width 178,6 km and a depth of 32.2 km.

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Scientists who study the area on unique lab platform, found in the crater of rock rich in sulfur.

The asteroid impact vaporized the rock, filling the air with a cloud of dust similar to that which appears when large-scale eruptions of the volcano. This cloud hid the sun and drastically cooled the planet – below zero was kept for about 10 years that destroyed most species – two-thirds.

Those dinosaurs that did not die from the fumes, molten rocks falling from the sky or tsunami, dying from hunger.

However, if the asteroid, which, according to some estimates, almost 15 km in diameter and flew at a speed of 64.4 thousand km per hour, arrived a few seconds earlier or later, it could fall into the deep waters of the Atlantic or the Pacific ocean.

Recall that in the U.S. state of Montana was discovered dancebrazil dinosaur Zuul crurivastator, which is 75 million years old.

Yet it was reported that researchers were told how to survived herbivorous dinosaurs-the lucky ones.

Still recall that scientists say that the dinosaurs would have died out and without “help” of the cosmic body.

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