Scientists have discovered a limestone shale plate

Ученые обнаружили известняковую сланцевую плиту

Scientists have discovered a priceless find.

Scientists have discovered a unique limestone slate slab, in which were hundreds of small fishes. Experts came to the conclusion that they have more than a million years, according to the with reference to

A sensational find was discovered in one of the Japanese museums.

Museum in Japan, this plate brought scientists from the excavations in North America. The main feature of the findings is that these fish lived on Earth millions of years ago. Overall, the study authors counted 259 small fish species Erismatopterus levatus, which have been long extinct on Earth.

Formation retained the features characteristic of the Eocene, which lasted between 56 and 34 million years ago on our planet. Experts claim that even then the fish showed well-developed social behavior.

Australians noticed a bright object in the sky

Recorded in stone the movement of the fish was consistent. Scientists who participated in the study, noted that even then they have long and confidently interacted with each other in flocks.

Ученые обнаружили известняковую сланцевую плиту

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