Scientists have discovered a centipede with 1300 limbs

Scientists have discovered a millipede with 1300 limbs

The recently discovered species of centipedes have more limbs than any other creature on the planet – there are 1,300 of them.

& quot; All other known centipedes have much fewer legs. than their name suggests. Moreover, many types of legs have very few & ndash; less than 100. Until now, the record holder was a species called Illacme plenipes & ndash; an inhabitant of deep soil, which numbered up to 750 feet, '' said entomologist Paul Marek, lead author of the study describing the newfound species.

The species discovered by scientists was named in Eumillipes persephone, after Persephone, daughter of Zeus, who Hades took him to the underworld. The centipede is the longest-legged animal on the planet. One specimen Marek analyzed had 1,306 feet, breaking the current record.

This species of centipede was found 60 meters below the Earth's surface in a relatively unknown environment of banded iron formations and volcanic rocks.

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