Scientists have developed homes of the future: there was a video

Ученые разработали дома будущего: появилось видео

Scientists have developed a house on balloons

British architects of Studio McLeod and designers from the Agency Ekkist developed a project flying houses under the name Hour Glass. With the help of balloons at home will be up in the air. Thus, their residents will be able to move easily between major cities and towns.

Ученые разработали дома будущего: появилось видео

The house will adjust to the area. In big cities, they connect in some high-rise buildings with frame structures. In open country and on the nature of the flying house will adapt to the landscape, to change color and configuration.

In addition, inside the smart home will be equipped with floors and walls if necessary they will create for residents a variety of furniture.

According to scientists, the project was inspired by the lifestyle of nomads. Experts believe that in the modern world people are too tied to the cities and often do not have the opportunity to be in nature.

Ученые разработали дома будущего: появилось видео

Earlier it was reported that scientists are developing a digital copy of a person.

The company Replika, Eter9 and develop technology that will create digital copies of people. Technology will completely copy the personality of the person.

Eter9 develop a whole social network based on artificial intelligence. The system constantly learns from the user and gradually creates a digital duplicate. It is assumed that it will be able to live after the death of the user.

A similar invention from the company The technology is based on the collection of posts of users in social networks and creates the implantation of human consciousness into the app.

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According to the authors, they want to preserve memories, ideas and the history of billions of people for all eternity. Digital copies will be stored in the virtual world of the type library.

We will remind, earlier Politeka wrote that officials declined a robot that is too efficient in fighting corruption.

As reported Politeka in Japan was a robot that could clean and wash things.

Also Politeka reported that scientist have created a molecular coffee: the taste is indistinguishable.

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