Scientists have developed highly effective blood substitute

Ученые разработали высокоэффективный заменитель крови

Created substance is white.

Scientists have developed a special connection Exicit, which resembles in its characteristics the blood. As shown by numerous tests, the connection of white color can carry about 50 times more oxygen in the body than human blood. Experts believe that Exicit makes it easy to treat traumatic brain injury and significantly reduce the mortality from them, reports the with reference to the news of the world.

White blood has already been tested. For the treatment of a girl who suffered a serious head injury and could die from it, used artificial blood. Bess-Lin is very quickly recovered and already in just a couple of days had seen a marked improvement.

During studies conducted on animals, it was found that Oxicet is able to simplify any brain damage about two times. Experts have suggested that this result was achieved due to the fact that the particles of the compound can transport oxygen through damaged vessels. The red blood cells contained in human blood can’t squeeze through them.

Called another advantage of keeping Pets

The researchers plan to conduct a number of tests and if Oxycet will work well, it will be the perfect remedy for the treatment of traumatic brain injury.

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