Scientists have developed a safe technology for treating cancer with ultrasound

Employees of the University of California have developed a technology for treating cancer with ultrasound. Scientists conducted a test of a new method, which was able to destroy the degenerated cells without damage to the body.

Учёные разработали безопасную технологию лечения рака ультразвуком

Physics influenced the malignancy with the oscillatory motion of air particles at a frequency of 0.5 to 0.67 MHz and duration 20 MS. During the application of ultrasound, the cancer cells die without harming the health. In the experiment, the scientists stopped the growth of breast tumor, colon and bone marrow, and leukocytes remained intact, making the development of a safe alternative to existing means of struggle with cancer.

The new method I plan to use along with chemotherapy, surgical operations and irradiation. Doctors call the security advantage of using ultrasound in the treatment of malignant tumors because it allows you to exclusively destroy cancer cells without causing harm to healthy.

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