Scientists have determined the optimum duration of the holiday

Ученые определили оптимальную длительность отпуска

A long rest is also ineffective as too short.

Rest affects the biological processes of aging, and those who want to stay youthful and healthy, you must give yourself at least a few days of annual leave, reports the with reference to the news of Yu.

American scientists from Ohio state University found that even four days of rest apart from work, help reduce stress levels in the body and have a positive impact on health. In turn, the research of other scientists from the USA showed that a week of rest from work and usual day, able to change genetic structure.

In this study, experts from the school of medicine at new York hospital mount Sinai together with the staff of the University of California has selected 100 women to participate in the experiment with the rest. Women passed the tests and went on a week vacation in a four star hotel that was paid for them by the organizers.

Within a year after this woman passed the examination. As a result, the researchers stated that the seven-day holiday not only improves the psychological condition of women – the participants changed the activity of some genes associated with a biochemical response of an organism to stress. Health benefits from a week’s stay was kept for ten months.

The Austrian scientists conducted a similar experiment — they were sent on a four-day vacation at a mountain resort twenty. Although the vacation was short, they led to lower stress levels, which lasted subsequently another 45 days.

Scientists from the Netherlands, significantly, made a opinion about the usefulness of the not-too-long vacation.

In their experiment, people spent on vacation from 15 to 34 days in a row, practicing both active and passive recreation. As a result, scientists have found that the positive effect of stay started to decrease after 12 days of relaxation, while proponents of passive recreation and even gained weight. In the end, the experts concluded that “the optimal duration of the leave is for seven days.”

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Also representatives of science it was found that the interval between rest periods must not exceed three months, otherwise the person decreases the immunity.

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