Scientists have determined a normal size of a man’s “dignity”

Examining 15 500 men from different regions of the world, scientists have found the size of the penis, which is the norm. The results were published in a specialty journal urology.

Вчені визначили нормальний розмір чоловічої "гідності"

As explained by the authors, their aim is to deliver strong half of humanity from worry about the eternal question: “is he I great?”

Dr. David veal from king’s College London and his colleagues have compiled an infographic that illustrates the size distribution of male genital organs among the study participants, which was held in twenty steps. It was attended by mostly Europeans, Caucasians and residents of the East.

These charts will help men to assess the typical length of “dignity” in the normal state and during erection. So it became clear that the length of the reproductive organ in the excited state does not exceed 16 cm in 95% of men, but 60% is more the norm. In other words, only five out of a hundred men has a really small length of “dignity” is less than 10 cm Average size of the male organ of British doctors found the penis length 13,12 cm in erection and 9,16 cm. Additionally, the doctors came to the conclusion that the size of the “dignity” does not depend on the growth male.

“We believe that we have prepared the graphs and tables will help doctors to convince men that the vast majority of them has penis is normal and not small in size”, commented the results of his research David veal from the Royal College of London. The study’s authors believe that their results and graphs will help to solve psychological and sexual problems many men dissatisfied in their size.

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Вчені визначили нормальний розмір чоловічої "гідності"

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