Scientists have debunked the myth about the dangers of coffee

Ученые развенчали миф об опасности кофе

The results of the study based on these experiments, which were attended by eight thousand people.

Researchers at London’s Queen Mary University in the UK found that frequent coffee consumption is not dangerous for the blood vessels. Thus, discredited the findings of several previous research works, reports the with reference to

Participation in the study took eight thousand people. They were all divided by the amount of alcohol consumed per day cups of coffee, forming three groups.

In the first group of participants drank one Cup a day, in the second — from two to three, and the third — more than three cups a day, including drink up to 25 cups.

In the end, it was proved that even 25 daily cups of coffee do not affect the elasticity of the arteries. However, in parallel, into account a number of other factors, including diet, Smoking, etc.

Called early symptoms of colon cancer

In the end it turned out that consume coffee in large quantities, as a rule, regularly drank alcohol and smoked. This explains the previously obtained relationship between abundant coffee consumption and cardiovascular disease.

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