Scientists have created the largest virtual universe

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Scientists have created the largest virtual universe < p>

Uchuu & nbsp; is a scientific simulation that helps you better understand the evolution of the universe.

Various computer games offer the user to plunge into a fictional world and explore it. Stellaris, EVE; Online, No man & # 8217; s Sky, Elite: Dangerous – all these games offer us to explore hundreds, thousands, millions and hundreds of millions of stars. This is not serious for scientists, so they created their own simulator, reports with reference to Channel 24.

The giant computer universe Uchuu (translated from Japanese – & # 171; outer space & # 187;) is absolutely free. This is the largest and most realistic simulation of the universe to date. True, this is not No Man & # 8217; s Sky, so flying in a spaceship will not work. & Nbsp; Uchuu & nbsp; is a scientific simulation that helps to better understand the evolution of the Universe and focuses on large-scale structures.

More about the largest virtual universe

The Uchuu virtual universe consists of 2.1 trillion particles in a computational cube with a side of 9.63 billion light years. This is roughly three-quarters of the distance between Earth and the most distant object we can observe.

The simulation simulates the evolution of matter throughout nearly the entire 13.8 billionth history of the universe, from the Big Bang to today.

Uchuu focuses on large-scale structures, so you won't find stars and planets in the simulation.

Creation of the Universe

  • Scientists from Japan, Spain, USA worked on the creation of the virtual Universe , Argentina, Australia, Chile, France and Italy.
  • The most powerful supercomputer available to the astronomical scientific community, ATERUI II, was used to create Uchuu.
  • Scientists spent a year to create simulation.
  • The code for generating Uchuu was written by Japanese scientist Tomoaki Ishiyama.
  • 40,200 processors were used to create the universe.
  • When creating the simulation, 3 petabytes of data were generated. This equates to 3,145,728 gigabytes.
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