Scientists have created artificial antibodies to prevent pregnancy

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Scientists have created artificial antibodies that prevent pregnancy

How the new drug works.

Scientists have created artificial antibodies that paralyze sperm. Currently, the new contraceptive drug has not yet been tested in humans, reports with reference to Channel 24.

How new contraceptives work

Modern birth control pills are effective. But their hormonal mechanism of action is associated with some side effects. Therefore, such drugs can not be used by everyone.

Scientists have created a medicine that is without such contraindications. They have developed monoclonal antibodies that prevent sperm from moving towards the egg.

Monoclonal antibodies are antibodies that are obtained in a laboratory way, they attack various pathogens or bind certain substances. Drugs in this group are already used to treat many diseases, including COVID-19.

How effective is the drug

It was previously known that women can develop antibodies to sperm. This is one of the important causes of infertility. As a prototype for their drug, scientists took samples of such antibodies from women suffering from this problem. The monoclonal antibodies they developed turned out to be even more powerful than natural ones: one antibody is able to bind more sperm.

We have developed antibodies that are at least 10-16 times more potent in reducing sperm penetration than conventional antibodies. This prevents the movement of sperm through the mucus and prevents them from reaching the egg, the scientists noted.

In an experiment, scientists tested the effectiveness of monoclonal antibodies in sheep. Monoclonal antibodies, followed by semen, were injected vaginally. The study showed that sperm motility dropped by 99.9%.

How antibodies will be used

Scientists suggest that the new contraceptive can be used in several ways. It may come in the form of a contraceptive ring for insertion into the vagina. In this case, its effect can last for several weeks. It is also possible to release thin films for use immediately before sexual intercourse.

Earlier, scientists from the United States developed a long-term contraception option for men, the effect of which, if necessary, can be canceled at any time. This is a heated contraception to temporarily stop sperm production.

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