Scientists have created a unique vaccine will save millions from the pain

Ученые создали уникальную вакцину: спасет миллионы от боли

Scientists have created a unique vaccine that could help millions of people overcome pain

Millions of patients with arthritis there is hope. Scientists have developed a vaccine that can block daily pain in this disorder.

Millions of people every day suffer from the symptoms of arthritis, causing stiffness and severe pain. Science offers a variety of treatments, but as something universal and helps the majority of patients, unfortunately, still not created.

Ученые создали уникальную вакцину: спасет миллионы от боли

And now scientists from Oxford University have developed a vaccine that blocks the pain caused by osteoarthritis — nerve growth factor (NGF). This vaccine causes the immune system to work against NGF, as shown by experiments on laboratory mice. Thus, the level of pain in rodents was significantly decreased.

“This is the first successful vaccination, aimed at blocking pain in osteoarthritis, which is one of the biggest challenges for health systems in the developed world, say the authors of the study. — Our vaccine stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies against NGF. We tested it on mice that had unequal distribution of weight around the rear legs, which is a symptom of painful osteoarthritis”.

After vaccination, instead of traveling to bend on one side of the body to reduce pain in the feet, the mouse stood on the limbs, effectively distributing the weight throughout the body. After vaccination in their blood recorded higher levels of antibodies that are associated with pain response. It is hoped that experiments on people with arthritis will give similar results.

We will note, earlier it was reported that scientists have invented a vaccine against Smoking, which is able to save people from nicotine addiction.

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Experts from the SCRIPPS Institute have created a vaccine from Smoking. The drug is able to control the synthesis of some proteins and to save people from nicotine addiction. About it reports Science Advances.

Microbiologists and chemists were able to synthesize the serum from Smoking. She passed the test on mice and the results showed that the drug is able to remove all nicotine from the body. While scientists say that there will be no side effects.

Ученые создали уникальную вакцину: спасет миллионы от боли

The mechanism of the enzyme NicA2 is that it decomposes and removes nicotine from the body before come withdrawal syndrome. The modified drug, tested on mice, increased its efficiency to cure nicotine addiction.

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