Scientists have calculated the safe side of fries

Ученый вычислил безопасную порцию картошки-фри

Safe dose used fries there and found her and called the scientist from Harvard University Eric RIMM

The potato itself is full of calories, deep roasting, which prepares katiel fries, makes the caloric content of this dish even more impressive.

Abuse of French fries have been associated with the development of obesity and diabetes, but in moderation it will not bring serious harm to health. How to calculate safe fries?

Ученый вычислил безопасную порцию картошки-фри

Harvard Professor Eric RIMM as a result of their research came to the conclusion that the safe order of fries still exist,t and calculated the exact number of slices of fried potatoes that you can afford, not fearing for the figure and the body.

The scientist said that the safe can be considered a serving of fries, includes 6 wedges, and of course, eaten once, no additives.

Ученый вычислил безопасную порцию картошки-фри

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In addition, the calculations of the expert show that it is much safer to consume French fries once a week. Eating fries increases the level of sugar in the blood, and provokes development of hypertension in men and women, this is shown by recent scientific research. Moreover, the risk of such violations occur if a person eats two standard servings of fries per week, state researchers.

Roasted potato contains a lot of calories, salt, and sometimes TRANS fats, and very little nutrients, vitamins and minerals, is valuable for health.

Ученый вычислил безопасную порцию картошки-фри

In addition, roasting triggers the production of in the fries of acrylamide substances that affect the body as a carcinogen. Therefore, even a small fries should not be a daily – its regular use leads to increased risk of kidney tumors, endometrium and ovaries.

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