Scientists have answered how the largest satellite of the Earth came into being

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Scientists answered how the largest satellite of the Earth came into being

Several theories were considered.

Where did the Earth get its largest natural satellite? We do not know for sure. Most scientists agreed that this happened several billion years ago after another planet hit the Earth.We have already mentioned this and new studies of this earlier. But the mentioned version is not the only one. It would be logical to tell you about others.

The Earth and the Moon emerged from a single cloud of gas and dust

The largest satellite in the solar system is & nbsp; Ganymede , circling around Jupiter. & Nbsp; It is twice as heavy as the Moon and one and a half times larger. & Nbsp; But compared to its planet, Ganymede is a speck of dust (4% of the volume and only 0.008% of the mass).

Moon & nbsp; – a unique satellite, large enough on the scale of the solar system. & nbsp; And if you think about the size of the Earth – it's just hyper-large. & nbsp; Its diameter is somewhere around 27% of the Earth's, and its mass exceeds 1% of the mass of our planet.

  • How did such a large satellite appear next to such a small planet? & nbsp; One of the previously popular hypotheses says that they arose simultaneously from a single cloud of gas and dust.
  • However, the theory did not prevail, because scientists understood: & nbsp; Earth's gravity would not allow such a large cosmic body to form in its orbit.

Scientists answered like the largest satellite of the Earth arose

A month is a piece of the Earth

This theory arose somewhere in the 1970s. & nbsp; Like, the Moon was formed & nbsp; from matter, which broke away from the Earth & nbsp; at the stage of its formation. & nbsp; This happened due to the very fast rotation of the Earth and under the influence of centrifugal force.

This theory & nbsp; explained the difference in chemical composition: & nbsp; there is less iron in the lunar soil and it is less dense, because the Earth's dense elements were closer to the core and did not come off the planet.

  • The theory originated from mathematics : its supporters said that the Moon moves 2 centimeters away from the Earth every year, which means that it was once a part of it for a very long time.
  • < strong> And mathematics also refuted the theory: & nbsp; calculations of scientists showed that the Moon could not physically approach the Earth at a distance of less than 7-10 thousand kilometers.

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