Scientists have announced the existence of another planet in the solar system

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Scientists have announced the existence of another planets in the solar system

Now it most likely exists outside the solar system.

Scientists have carried out a simulation, judging by which , another planet could be hiding behind Neptune. In size, it is more similar to Mars or Earth, reports with reference to TSN.

In the course of modeling, it is assumed that a planet the size of Earth or Mars could rotate behind Neptune. Astronomers also speculate that it could have been driven out of the outer solar system by gas giants. Scientists continue to study the solar system in order to find out not only how the planets appeared, but also why they are in their orbits.

In the new work, the authors note that the theories that exist now are not able to explain the current the configuration of the planets. They suggest that there used to be another planet in the outer solar system (where the gas giants Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are located). Now it most likely exists outside of it. The authors note that there is something strange about today's planetary configuration: inner rocky planets, the asteroid belt, and gas giants in the outer solar system. Researchers believe something is missing. Logic dictates that there must be another planet and new modeling confirms this.

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