Scientists from Canada have discovered an 8 billion-year-old radio signal in a distant galaxy

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 Canadian scientists have discovered an 8 billion year old radio signal in a distant galaxy

Scientists have recorded a record radio signal from atomic hydrogen in a very distant galaxy. This discovery is phenomenal, because it is believed that the galaxy in which the radio signal was recorded existed when the Universe was only 4 .9 billion years old, making the source of the record-breaking radio signal 8.8 billion years old.

The detection was made possible because scientists used gravitational lensing to detect and track the signal back to the source galaxy. The magnification of the lens was 30 times, which allowed scientists to “see” through the high redshift of the universe.

These results were published in the Monthly Notice of the Royal Astronomical Society and show that it is generally feasible to observe atomic gas in galaxies at long distances. It may also open up new avenues for research cosmic evolution of neutral gas with the help of existing and future low-frequency radio telescopes in the future.

The detection of such radio signals will allow us to more thoroughly study the mysteries of the early Universe.

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