Scientists figured out how to read other people's minds

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 Scientists figured out how to read other people's minds

Functional magnetic resonance imaging can help read other people's minds. According to Science Alert, this method was invented by neuroscientists from the University of Texas at Austin. With fMRI, scientists can track the flow of oxygenated and energized blood through the brain, thus measuring brain activity. Neuroscientists listened to the subjects for almost 16 hours of various podcasts and programs, after which they compared the decoding of audio and recorded brain activity through a decoder. It was not possible to read the thoughts verbatim, but it turned out to find out their general content. The program they used was able to determine what the subjects were listening to based on their brain activity. According to scientists, this is a great success, although the decoder still needs to be finalized. In the future, this technology will help people who are unable to speak and type on their own.

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