Scientists explained why the sister in our lives is a real gift of fate

Ученые объяснили, почему сестра в нашей жизни – это настоящий подарок судьбы

It is no secret that sometimes a sister, this is still a pain. Those who have it, is wonderful to understand what I mean. But any way my sister can hell to enrage and annoy you, just as it can be the most loving creature.

Sometimes you and your sister are mortal enemies, and after ten minutes is already the best friends in the world. This is true for brothers, but for the sisters – well, very often the situation.

Our brothers and sisters are people with whom we spend most of our lives. And though the relationship between them is not always perfect, like the pictures in the glossy magazines about child rearing, their presence has a positive impact on your future life and relationships that will emerge.

It’s awesome to know that at the end of the day to share with my sister, to laugh together over what happened, to criticize, to regret is to maintain. This truly invaluable support.

Recent research confirmed that if you have a sister – a true gift of fate. It’s very, very easy life in future and helps to develop very useful skills.

Sister helps you develop social skills that are so necessary in life. After all, communication is the basis of any relationship, be it work, school or romantic relationship. It affects your ability to negotiate, to Express their feelings or to compromise. Even if the conflict happens, you will already have experience out of it.

So, 5 reasons why sister is amazing and very useful:

1. Sisterly love strengthens mental health.

For example, it helps to strengthen your self-esteem. You will feel better, more confident, because you have a sister.

Sisters, as a rule, tend to act with their brothers and sisters in a motherly way. Regardless of age. This is true to the eldest brother and only sister were born.

This “maternal” concern common to all girls and women. It gives the other person the feeling that his love, appreciate, in some sense, even guard and protect. The sisters do promote the mental health of their brothers and sisters. They are the core of the family, all around us, even when there are no parents. Thus family ties are supported, there remains warmth and a sense of kinship.

2. Sisterhood make people more compassionate.

All this is because the presence of the sisters in life makes a person more kind and sensitive. After all, they characterize social behavior as expression of participation, wisdom in decision situations and solving problems, care, sincerity.

They affect other family members is not less than the parents. They separate and calm the combatants, are watching them, you learn to forgive and be friends. Because sisters realize the temporality of hostility, and because I hate it when someone sulks on the other, or not talking. The sisters understand that when there is harmony and unity – the relationship is in danger.

3. Sister teaches you to resolve conflicts.

First, the nurse teaches the skill of conflict resolution. She does this with empathy, which contribute to the understanding of the other person, his claims, grievances and so on.

Sister reminds us that, first of all, you should look at the situation through the eyes of another, and only then to draw conclusions, to say something or to make a final decision.

Sister teaches you to communicate with family members, and makes it so skillfully and convincingly that you will not be difficult to apply their knowledge outside the family and with other people.

4. Sister teaches the art of communication.

For the girls sister is a huge plus, but even more – for the brothers who are fortunate enough to grow up with sisters. They have a chance to attain mastery of communication fully, because the ways of communication of men and women differ significantly.

Because of this, they had a deeper understanding of women, it is easier to “decode” what they want to say, because you grew up with sisters who taught them this.

5. Love helps the sisters to gain independence.

In life anything can happen, and we are not always easy to establish, to defend themselves and their point of view. And here comes to the aid support of others.

Sisters, without knowing it, help to learn how to fight for what they believe, because they had a very hard time, while they were embedded in our Patriarchal world. This experience is priceless, and they are eager to share it with brothers and sisters.

Do you love your sister? Appreciate what you have? It’s a real gift that should be cherished. As it is huge and amazing – you’re fully aware after many many years. Perhaps when you yourself will have to grow up daughters and sons. And history will repeat itself…

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