Scientists explain the insensitivity of some rodents to pain

Ученые объяснили нечувствительность некоторых грызунов к боли

Naked mole-rat, Heterocephalus glaber, South Africa

A team of scientists from Germany undertook to explore the unique ability of naked mole rats.

This species of mammals is literally ignoring any pain that was very interesting for researchers. In the end, they managed to find out what is the secret of these representatives of the animal world, according to the with reference to

It should be noted that insensitivity to pain is just one of the “superpowers” of underground dwellers. Naked mole rats not susceptible to cancer and have the ability to breathe for as much as 20 minutes. Thanks to these abilities, these animals can live long enough in a rather uncomfortable conditions.

The researchers believe that similar abilities woke up in the diggers due to certain gene mutations in NALCN. This gene has deprived animals of pain. At the same time, scientists say, naked mole rats aren’t the only species who received the gift of a wonderful mutation. Four subspecies of diggers have the ability to ignore pain.

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German scientists believe that the new study may in the future be of great help to mankind. They hope, based on the details of studies of diggers, to develop analgesics that can fully block pain in humans.

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