Scientists discovered in the Pacific ocean volcano incredible size

Ученые обнаружили в Тихом океане вулкан невероятных размеров

Geophysics from America found on the Pacific bottom of a huge volcano which is in size close to the area of great Britain. It is the largest volcanic mountain in the Solar system, reports the news of the world.

The research was done by experts from Texas A&m University William Sager together with colleagues examined the bottom in the Northwest Pacific ocean. In the end, it turned out that Tamu plateau, located in the area of raising Shatsky is a huge volcanic construction.

In diameter Tamu is approximately 625 km, and its height equals to four kilometers. Eruptions have not occurred for more than 140 million years. The volcano gave the opportunity to experts to understand the volume of magma that can accumulate in the bowels of the earth and then go to the surface.

At the moment the earth’s volcanic system are poorly known because most of the volcanoes lies on the seabed. Discuss the Tamu massif is located about a mile East of Japan at the point of junction of three lithospheric plates. It is not excluded that the lava deposits was the result of overlapping each other the “content” of volcanoes.

Ученые обнаружили в Тихом океане вулкан невероятных размеров

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