Scientists demand to recognize the oceans as a living being

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 Scientists demand to recognize the World Ocean as a living being

Scientists demanded that the World Ocean, whose characteristics are still poorly represented in international environmental conventions, be recognized as a living being. According to Science Alert, this is stated in an article by researchers from the Center for Earth Law in the United States and the University of Waterloo in the journal PLOS Biology. According to scientists, its area is 71% of the Earth's surface. The world's oceans are responsible for the production of most of the oxygen, provide people with food, minerals and energy. Experts believe that the current programs for its conservation do not work. And changes in the oceans are unlikely to benefit future generations, leading to a catastrophic loss of resources and species by the end of this century. Therefore, scientists demanded that the oceans be recognized as a living being and endowed with the same rights that people take for granted.

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