Scientists: contemplation of the Kardashian figure is harmful to health

 Scientists: looking at Kardashian figure is bad for health

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The contemplation of the figure of Kim Kardashian was recognized as harmful to health.

This is the conclusion of scientists Sarah McComb and Jennifer Mills from York University of Toronto.

According to them, the problem is that the contemplation of Kardashian's disproportionate hourglass figure makes women dissatisfied with their bodies. And it is almost impossible to achieve the same result if you do not resort to the services of a plastic surgeon.

402 women aged 18 to 25 took part in the study. They looked at 13 photos of powerful women who were slim, fit, or skinny.

Whereas the skinny Kate Moss was considered the ideal figure in pop culture, the hourglass body type is now the ideal. – small waist, large hips and breasts.

The desire to achieve this ideal is so great that it can lead to malnutrition, unhealthy weight control, low self-esteem and social anxiety.

The subjects felt the most discomfort and self-criticism when contemplating the figure of Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Beyoncé.

in general. It is important that this effect was stronger than in the respondents who looked at the thin figure, ",– scientists reported.

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