Scientists claim the existence of Omicron and Omicron-like

Scientists announced the existence of Omicron and Omicron-like

Researchers in South Africa said they found the first epidemiological evidence of Omicron's ability to avoid immunity from previous infections. Booster vaccines are expected to reduce the likelihood of infection and serious illness.

In Queensland, researchers said they found two different versions of the Omicron strain in travelers returning to the country.

The Omicron variant in Three times more likely to cause re-infection than Delta or Beta strains.

The Pfizer vaccine provides less immunity to the Omicron variant than to other major coronavirus strains, and a third dose can help stop the highly mutated strain.

Omicron has resulted in an approximately 40-fold decrease in the levels of neutralizing antibodies produced by people who received two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, writes thenationalnews.

A new line has been discovered that has about half of the gene variation the original and cannot be detected by typical screening.

The new line has enough markers' to be classified as an Omicron, but scientists do not know enough about it that we need to understand what this means in terms of the clinical severity and effectiveness of the vaccine. ”

So, scientists announced the existence of Omicron and Omicron-like.

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