Scientists are sounding the alarm: COVID affects the brain of the developing fetus

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 Scientists are sounding the alarm: COVID is affecting the brain of the developing fetus

Coronavirus is transmitted from the mother to the developing fetus, causing COVID to negatively affect the brain of the unborn child.

According to Science Alert, scientists came to this conclusion during the research.

In particular, 661 fetal tissue samples were studied between July 2020 and April 2022. The scientists found hemorrhages in 26 of them.

“While hemorrhages occasionally occur in the developing brain, it is highly unusual that so many cases occur over a 21-month period. It is now important to monitor children who have been prenatally exposed to COVID-19 to determine if there are long-term neurodevelopmental effects,” — said neuroscientist Cathy Long from King's College London.

Scientists have yet to find out whether the hemorrhage was a direct consequence of COVID, transmitted from the mother, or whether it was due to some other factor. However, this very fact caused concern among scientists.

“This study highlights the need for pregnant women to be vaccinated against, which avoids complications for both mother and child,” — said Lucille Poston, a physiologist from King's College London.

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