Scientists are exploring exotic matter in the solar atmosphere

Ученые исследуют экзотическую материю в атмосфере Солнца

The researchers used radio telescopes and UV cameras space probe of NASA.

Scientists from Ireland and France announced a new significant discovery: how matter behaves in extreme conditions of the solar atmosphere.

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The researchers used radio telescopes and UV cameras space probe of NASA, to better understand exotic but poorly explored “the fourth state of matter”. This condition, known as plasma, can be the key to creating a safe, clean and efficient generators of nuclear energy on Earth. The scientists published their findings in the journal Nature Communications.

A large part of the substances we encounter in our daily life, has the shape of a solid body, liquid or gas, but most of the Universe consists of plasma — the extremely unstable and electrically charged gas. The sun is also made up of this plasma.

Despite the fact that plasma is the most common form of matter in the Universe, it remains a mystery, mainly due to its lack in natural conditions on Earth, which complicates its study. A special laboratory on Earth recreate the extreme conditions of space for this purpose, but the Sun is a natural laboratory for studying the behaviour of plasma in conditions that are often too extreme.

The solar atmosphere is a hotbed of extreme activity: the plasma temperature exceeds 1 million degrees Celsius, and the particles move at speeds close to the speed of light. Particles moving at the speed of light, glow brightly in the radio, so we can see the behavior of the plasma by using large radio telescopes.

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The study of the behavior of plasma in the Sun allows you to compare it with behavior on Earth, where at present great efforts to create fusion reactors. It is the generators of nuclear energy, which are much safer, cleaner and more efficient than nuclear, which are currently used for energy production.

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