Scientists: Ancient Greek Drug May Reduce COVID Deaths

Scientists: Ancient Greek drug can reduce COVID mortality

Ancient Greek drug derived from saffron can improve treatment for people with severe COVID-19 disease and reduce mortality by 50%.

About This is evidenced by the results of a study by Israeli scientists from the Hebrew University and Hadassah School of Medicine.

This is the drug colchicine, which appeared thousands of years ago in Ancient Egypt. It is one of the few drugs that has survived to this day from those times.

According to Professor Ami Shattner, he followed all the patients undergoing trials for 20 years and found that colchicine was effective in treating COVID.

The drug is cheap. What's more, it requires a small dose per day and has been shown to be safe, making colchicine β€œan important discovery that could reduce morbidity and mortality in many patients.”

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