Scientists: Aliens make contact with humans in 10 years

Douglas Vakoch, who heads the organization of METI, engaged in sending to deep space signals for all of mankind, said an interesting suggestion. According to the scientist, aliens make contact with humans after 10, maximum – 20 years.

Of the capabilities of his organization to search for in the cosmic expanses of intelligent beings, now disproportionately large, than it was in 1960, when this was done by Frank Drake.

Then at his disposal was the possibility of using only one type of signal. Now in the spectrum search billions of various frequencies to establish contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.

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METI continues to try to find in the Universe other intelligent beings, in spite of the warnings of some scientists, such as, for example, Steven Hawking. It is not advised earthlings to make contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, because it is most likely that they will be many times more powerful and intelligent than the inhabitants of the earth.

The consequence of this fact, how do you think these professionals will be that aliens will take people as an inferior race that will eventually lead to their disappearance.

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Unlike pessimists, Vakoc more optimistic. He believes that if extraterrestrial intelligence was intent on the destruction of earthlings, it would have long been implemented. Therefore, he hopes to establish with the aliens partnerships.

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