Scientists: a special kind of radiation can kill coronavirus

Scientists: a special kind of radiation can kill coronavirus

A special type of radiation, known as millimeter waves, is capable of 99% destruction of coronavirus from surfaces within two seconds.

To this conclusion came scientists from Israel's Ariel University.

“This type of radiation works in millimeter waves, which means that they have a wavelength of about three millimeters. For comparison: the radiation of a mobile phone has a wavelength of about 30 centimeters, and the radiation of a microwave – & mdash; about 12 centimeters & quot ;, & ndash; said a specialist from the Department of Electrical Engineering and co-author of the study, Professor Moshe Einat.

According to him, the laboratory in which the tests took place specializes in sources of electromagnetic radiation.

Millimeter waves are used in different areas. For example, in medicine, they can be extremely effective in fighting tumors and killing cancer cells. They can also be used in energy without wires.

“We found out that radiation can kill a virus,” said study co-author Gabi Garlitz.

According to him The big advantage of millimeter waves is that they can disinfect surfaces very quickly.

“Other methods currently used for this purpose, such as UV radiation, take minutes and sometimes and a whole hour. In addition, they can be toxic to humans. With the help of our technique, we eliminated almost 99.9% of the virus in two seconds '', & ndash; he noted.

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